LotroSavvy Update 11/10/12



*gasp* I am still alive everyone! ^.^


I just wanted to post a quick update to any who followed my blog to let you know what has been going on and why there hasn’t been a post in what feels like forever. Firstly, thank you for keeping track and reading this, and secondly I apologize massively for the lack of updates.


I created this blog with the intention to do this as a hobby only and said right from the start that if I wanted to take a break from it I hoped I would be able to easily, as with mmo’s there always is periods of slowness within the game where you don’t feel motivated, and work was stealing any motivation or energy for anything at all for a long time and the abandonment of the blog was quite sudden.


I have been playing the game a lot since my last update, and after levelling my Guardian to 75 I started on my Lore-Master and finally got another 75 to add into the mix, but apart from deeding, preparing for Rohan and raiding, I haven’t found much time for outfitting. I have been playing and loving the Rohan beta’s and very much hope come launch I will be back in the game with new cosmetics to play with, but until then thank you for the patience if you’re still visiting this blog.


This update was spurred on by the fact my kin was running a Nostalgia week and I won the BG Lore-Master shoulder guards I had wanted for years and decided to parade them about while giving an update as to my whereabouts; which I have been meaning to get done a lot earlier than this.

Happy hunting everyone! ❤ See you in Rohan!



Update – Lack of Savs


I was going to post an outfit for you all today because I had the perfect idea but I am missing one head piece that I want for it and I can only wait for it to crop up on auction house or run an instance for it and hope I get lucky, and since i’m such a perfectionist I really want the piece before I post the outfit so I apologise and it will be a little longer for the next outfit.

I have been crazy busy February and will continue to be so until March as I have to visit my family next week for a wedding! As well as just enjoying lotro (and finding my kin was in need of a captain I levelled my captain from 51 to 75 from last Thursday to this Tuesday and she’s already half geared in Draigoch armour lol) But now the initial power levelling craze was over I have some more time to stand in front of the wardrobe.

I also have a wonderful new job and will be working a little more now which will take some time away from lotro as of next week but not a drastic change. In the meantime enjoy the  Treasure Hunt that’s going on and get yourselves some free mounts and cosmetics!

Happy gaming,



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