About LotroSavvy

After playing many mmo’s over the years, Lotro has always been the one I’ve stuck with and hope to stick with for many more years. I got a lifetime subscription on offer not long before it went free to play and I have never regretted it, one of the best decisions I have made!

I’ve always been known in my kin and by my friends as being obsessed with three things in lotro, they are Forochel, horses and cosmetics. So much so that I turned up for a raid in a rose dress and cloak and was called Barbie for the next week…

The outfitting system on Lotro is my favourite and one I wish other games had, I love my cosmetics and love people to see them; this blog is showcasing the outfits I can put together, and my favourites.

About Savvy

I am currently living in Blackpool – England alone and with THREE cats which may or may not put me in competition with that little secret house in Bree, and have been playing Lotro for about 4 years now. I found out about the game due to some eavesdropping on a conversation when I played Pirates of the Caribbean Online, my first online game! To think if I hadn’t been so nosy I might never have come across this wonderful game. I play a range of other games such as Left 4 Dead and Assassins Creed to name a couple, and in my spare time enjoy creating things in Paint Shop Pro 10, playing a lot of co-op games with my best friend, browsing Tumblr, and drinking an awful lot of apple juice.

I love to read and write a lot of fiction and a lot of my Lotro characters are named after Heroines I have adored, and if you are a fan of the series you will know instantly where they are from. I have no male characters and will struggle to fit one in due to character limit so it may be some time before I consider it.

My lotro family is based on Evernight in the wonderful kinship of Miners of Moria, in which I realise my alliteration obsession looks a lot worse now, doesn’t it?

My Lotro characters are:

Nianna: Hunter

Lexinna: Rune-Keeper

Desari: Captain

Riyannon: Guardian

Savanah: Minstrel

Niya: Champion

Savs: Burglar

Helewise: Lore-Master

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