The Champion of Cliving

Please click on the screenshots for a bigger more detailed view! I left the borders off so they’re better in a new tab.

When I first entered Cliving in the Norcrofts region of Rohan during Beta, I stopped at the gates awed by the beautiful view of the place for a long time, knowing this exact spot would be the perfect background for an outfit. After speaking with the Thane and learning that Cliving was well guarded on the hill with its high walls, it got me thinking. What if it was attacked though? What other reasons would the people have to be confident that they were protected in Cliving.

Thus began the brainchild of the Champion of Cliving. Wearing her white and green colours, if any band of organized Orcs thought to take on the challenge of attacking the town of Cliving, they would be in for a surprise when they came face to face with the Champion.

It didn’t take me long to level my Captain to 85, somewhere between 12-15 hours. The best part about it was I felt like I wasn’t questing to simply level, I found myself losing sleep because I simply couldn’t stop playing and questing in this beautiful region, grinning whenever I was on the War-Steed. I think a large portion of the excitement is seeing how the released version differed to the Beta, how all the giant floating boxes turned into wagons and seeing if trying to use my War-Steed in towns would result in me dying or ending up in impossible places.

I’m in love with this expansion and very much hope that you guys are too, and I cannot wait to start my next character in Rohan already and see how they differ on the War-Steeds.

Head: Visage of the Bear [Lotro Store] ~Dark Green~

Sholders: Zanúm’s Tarnished Shoulderguards [Quest reward – East Rohan] ~Dark Green~

Back: Snowy Hoodless Cloak [Barter piece – Winter Festival] ~Dark Green~

Chest: Ceremonial Breastplate of the West-Tower [Barter piece – Skirmish camp] ~White~

Hands: Isteron’s Steel Gloves of the First Age [Quest reward – East Rohan] ~Dark Green~

Legs: Ceremonial Doom-Hunter’s Leggings [Barter piece – Skirmish camp] ~White~

Feet: Lastfótas [Quest reward – East Rohan] ~Dark Green~

Judging by the name of the boots they may be from the epic volume, so if need be when I run my other alts through Rohan I will find out and correct this, I can’t remember where they were from now.

P.S. I bought the Soundtrack for the game too while I was questing and its fantastic!

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  1. Nice! I ended up pairing the Norcrofts barding with the Guardian halter and leg-pieces too, though (perhaps regrettably) I ponied up for the Norcrofts Heavy outfit from the store.

    Where did you get the pendant? Warband?

    • The horse gear used were rewards from the volume book, except the Guardian Steed legs and head piece :). The instance where I obtained the horsey banner is the last quest in the books which is a solo instance, and wow, it takes you to one amazing place we will see with West Rohan!

      • Did I say pendant? I meant to say pennant.

        Oh, an epic reward eh? I’ll have to get that… some time. Gearing up and skraiding comes first for me though! I got the Norcrofts light horse armor from regular quests too, probably those alongside the epic. Any other cosmetics you get from the epic line?

      • You get the light gear for your horse piece by piece as you progress; head piece, legs etc. Not as many new cosmetics in Rohan as with Isengard unfortunately, the shoulders/gloves/boots i used in this outfit sadly kept cropping up as rewards for dozens of quests.

        Even with the little rewards the areas still inspire me for outfits, i guess their main focus was cosmetics for horses but sadly due to cost i won’t be able to take part in that as i had hoped.

  2. Yay, Savvypost! Hope you’re having a great time in RoR. I’m loving the music too, it’s excellent! 😀


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