Masked Marauder


Prior my previous post about trying to find an outfit for the Cloak of Evasion I remade my burglar that day and planned to get the Ceremonial Thrill-Seekers Helm from the Skirmish barterer, which was easy now since the exchange system has been changed and I no longer had to do the Rift skirmish 10 times to get the right campaign marks (woot). While playing around in the Wardrobe I noticed the helm still is pretty brown and can’t be made black, so as usual the search began for black and roguish looking cosmetics which had some dark brown on them and lo and behold the Cloak of Evasion had just that when dyed black (basically it’s not really black when dyed, but matches the helm brilliantly in colour).

There are a few bootie options with this outfit, and I went for the quest reward boots with the dagger in them but any soft leather boots will work here. Also, with recent discoveries about the rooftops of Bree, how could I not take a screenshot up there with my shady hobbit burglar? A great alternate for this outfit is Cosmetic Lotro’s Rooftop Runner


Head: Ceremonial Thrill-Seekers Helm [Rift Skirmish Barter]

Shoulders: Fine Grey Company Wrap [Quest Reward Vol lll, Bk5]

Back: Light Cloak of Evasion [Level 75 World Drop] ~Black~

Chest: Hill-Man’s Cracked Leather Jacket [Quest Reward – Dunland] ~Black~

Hands: Spearman’s Singed Leather Gauntlets [Quest Reward – Dunland] ~Black~

Feet: Fine Grey Company Boots [Quest Reward Vol lll, Bk5]

Notes: I’m quite annoyed that lately my screenshots seem to be lacking in quality and having a lot of noise in them, so I’d like to update the screenshots in the last couple posts if I can work out where i’m going wrong, but I think I know why it just means from now on it will take twice as long to get my screenshots but I’ll do it if it means better quality.

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  1. Great outfit, I love the dagger in her boot! 😀 Everything is blending brilliantly, with the warmer brown on the hoor, cloak, and central part of the tunic, and the cooler brown on the shoudlers, boots, and outer part of the tunic. Really nice!

  2. I also love that we no longer have to run a gazillion Rift Rescue skirmishes to get the neat looking Rift Helmets! I think you matched this cloak very well. Your Hobbit Lass is adorable. 🙂

  3. What a sweet little sneaky girl! I love your pictures, as if she’s listening to the conversations while remaining in the shadows.

  4. amazing outfit, wanted to launch praising of everything blending in and sneaky cuteness, but i don’t want to repeat the others, so i’ll just admit i’ve never seen the cloak before! gotta start stalking AH again :))

  5. I love this outfit ridiculously much. I’m still waiting to get high enough level to get a really awesome outfit for Dezi that suits him, and in the meantime, he looks with envy on what you’re doing here. XD

    • Hehe thank you! I’m amazed at the popularity of this Burglar outfit it came together so quickly once I had the helm. It can be a bit annoying when I see great outfits but not able to obtain the pieces due to class restrictions or level so I always feel a little guilty posting a lot of the cosmetics from Dunland, but they’re just too good to ignore!

  1. Expert Treasure-hunter | The Starry Mantle

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