Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for visiting LotroSavvy,

This is a new blog I created due to my addictive hobby in a lot of mmo’s and that is outfits! For a long time I’ve considered making my own Lotro cosmetics blog and I’ve finally decided to give it a go. I hope to soon fill this blog with wonderful pictures and information so you can also use the outfits I provide with details on the pieces. It will be a casual blog and the phases of playing lotro do vary as with all mmo’s, with playing it non-stop for a month to once a week depending on real life – so please be patient.

keep checking back!

LotroSavvy, a.k.a Savvy/Savs 🙂

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  1. Savs it’s absolutely fantastic that you started this blog!! There are so many different options when it comes to outfitting that there cannot be enough places to find inspiration! Your outfits will inspire me as they come from different ideas than I would ever think of doing myself, thus opening my own eyes to even more options. I am thrilled and really looking forward to what you will post. I am very much impressed by the outfits you posted. Great work!
    If I may give you one suggestion concerning your image quality: make sure that your “anti-alias” in the graphics settings is set to 8x. It will get rid of the “jagged edges” and make your characters look smoother.
    Looking forward to visiting you often!! ~Hymne

    • Thanks Hymne for the tip ^.^ I have been taking screenshots like crazy today think I’ve figured out a lot of helpful things, one being my quality seems better using prtscr than the ingame F11 function, I will take a look in my options in a bit too for that anti-alias. Thanks for the comment ❤

  2. heyy Savs, welcome to the group of crazy LOTRO outfitting maniacs (guilty as charged) 😀 your first outfits are of very high quality, i’m so much looking forward to more of them!

    • Thank you! Having a blast so far i can’t believe i didn’t do this sooner. I’m telling my kin tomorrow about this place and looking forward to their reaction since they know me as bonkers over cosmetics.


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